Curso Inglés B1 y B2


El Curso Inglés B1 y B2 se imparte en modalidad a distancia y tiene una duración de 200 horas. Metodología Metodología a distancia: -Manuales didácticos. -Tutorías telefónicas y por correo electrónico. -Evaluaciones. Posibilidad de ser online a consultar


- Capacitar al alumno para desenvolverse en situaciones durante un viaje por zonas donde se utilice la lengua. - Adquirir los conocimientos para ser capaz de comprender los puntos principales de textos claros para desenvolverse en un entorno laboral o cotidiano. - Proporcionar las habilidades y estrategias necesarias para comunicarse a un nivel básico. - formar a los alumnos a un nivel medio-alto en la expresión y comprensión de la lengua inglesa, tanto en su forma hablada como escrita, para utilizarla en situaciones cotidianas como instrumento de comunicación. - Adquirir los conocimientos lingüísticos para desarrollarlos y ser capaz de desenvolverse en una amplia variedad de contextos sociales y profesionales. - Capacitar al alumno para enfrentarse a situaciones comunicativas que exigen mayor nivel de elaboración del lenguaje. - Producir textos claros y detallados sobre temas diversos


Bloque I. Inglés B1 Unit 1. Let me introduce myself 1.A. Need for a change 1.B. Just what I am looking for!!! 1.C  Welcome to Edinburgh. 1.D  Getting to know my host family. Unit 2. Once upon a time 2.A. A strange night 2.B. The poets´ corner 2.C. Once upon a time in England 2.D. The storyteller Unit 3. Enjoy your trip! 3.A. What a difficult decision! 3.B. Getting ready 3.C. Destination: Ireland 3.D. *auld lang syne Unit 4. I haven’t seen you for ages 4.A. I’ve never tried it before! 4.B. Yummy, yummy! 4.C. The bill, please 4.D. Enjoy your meal! Unit 5. How can I help you? 5.A. I’m a shopaholic 5.B. Shopping at Harrods 5.C. How can I help you? 5.D. I want my money back Unit 6. I’m into new technology 6.A. I´m a technophile 6.B. My first day at work 6.C. It´s so exciting! 6.D. I am the best candidate for that job! Unit 7. If I were in your shoes 7.A. If I could, I would. 7.B. I wish I could study at oxford! 7.C. It´s so exciting! 7.D. Dear Mr. Jones Unit 8. I’m not feeling a hundred per cent 8.A. I need a rest! 8.B. I feel under the weather! 8.C. The honour of the knight 8.D. Beyond words Unit 9. Farewell! 9.A. The film is being shot 9.B. Would you fancy a rom-com? 9.C. Definitely! Bloque II. Inglés B2 Unit 1. Never judge a book by its cover Vocabulary. Describing people: personality and appearance. Compound adjectives Grammar: defining and non-defining relative clauses. Modals for deduction (past and present) Writing an informal email Pronunciation: compound adjectives Unit 2. Down-to-earth Vocabulary. Animal idioms. Animal collocations: animal sounds Grammar: modals and expressions of probability. Conditionals. Alternatives to IF Writing an article Pronunciation: contractions. Linking Unit 3. Home sweet home Vocabulary. Types of housing. Places in the home. Housework. Phrasal verbs connected to people relations Grammar: modals of obligation/absence of obligation/prohibition/advice. Have/get something done writing a report pronunciation consonant clusters Unit 4. A penny for your thoughts Vocabulary. Money. Jobs Grammar: infinitive versus –ing. Participle clauses Writing a covering letter Pronunciation: stress shift Unit 5. Caught red-handed Vocabulary crime. Criminals Grammar: emphasis (do, so and indeed). Cleft sentences. Inversions Writing an opinion composition Pronunciation how to sound emphatic Unit 6. Out and about Vocabulary. Leisure activities: travelling. Extreme sports Grammar: used to, would. Narrative tenses Writing a blog post Pronunciation-ed endings Unit 7. TV or not TV? Vocabulary. Headlines. Television (people, TV programmes and a TV guide) Grammar: impersonal report structures. Contrast (despite, in spite of, although…) Writing a “for and against” composition Pronunciation: contrastive intonation Unit 8. An apple a day keeps the doctor away Vocabulary. Health and illness. Idioms related to the parts of the body. Food and diet Grammar: reported speech. Reporting statements, commands and questions. Writing a complaint email/letter Pronunciation: homographs. Homophones Unit 9. No regrets just lessons learned Vocabulary. Feelings Grammar: I wish/if only. Would rather, would sooner, had better. It´s time Writing a personal anecdote Pronunciation /s/ - /z/ - /?/ Unit 10. Facebook = language facelift? Vocabulary. Compounds with –ever. The Internet. Fast writing Grammar: future perfect and continuous. Use of the article for generalizing Writing: a review Pronunciation: words pronounced differently in Spanish/English


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